This article calls it “data repackaging” and I have had another name for it, “data flipping” but it’s all the same thing.  Referenced here is Senator Rockefeller and he’s on I have hounded for a couple of years to get on this and pass a law requiring an index of all data sellers, which would require licensing and disclosure of what kind of data they sell and to who.  You need an index #1 before anything else can happen and I’ve been writing about that fact for 3 years but non data mechanics logic folks can’t get that “fact” through their heads and thus it goes on and on and on.  What if we had stock brokers running around with no licenses and heck I even have to get a license to catch a little fish that has virtually no risk involved for me.

Fast of the matter here is they are getting sloppy with their mailing lists and data and let me tell you, flawed data gets the same price as accurate data so there’s nothing to create any reason for them to be responsible at all as that’s just over head.  It’s truly a sad state of affairs that these bottom feeders can’t even a bit of integrity to the data they sell, as again they don’t care.  Want to get into wearables, well think again until this is resolved if you like privacy as the FTC found 7 of them selling your data and they have not named who they are. 

Senator Schumer of New York Calling for Privacy Protections With Sharing Data From Wearable Devices, As FTC Found Some Are Sending Data To 3rd Parties, Once Again Need To License the Data Sellers & Distributors

I have had my issues with flawed data and if you read the link above Acxiom on day tried to tweet with me and I tweeted back politely with facts.  I have been on my own time working on this for 3 years and my readers here know it and get beat over the head about it.  Three years ago when proclaimed this an epidemic folks thought I was crazy but I use data mechanics logic and I’m ahead of everyone, not a talent per se, I just visualize using my former development coding writing and sales ability combined and I figure it out almost every time. 

So here’s the campaign for privacy and transparency if you can kick in a few bucks, that would be great as I’m a couple years into this already and I do update what I’m doing, did one one today.  Nothing will work until we do step one and that is to identify who we want to regulate.  At the campaign link there are links that tell you both about insurers buying your credit card data and some real details about how they record and analyze your voice at their call centers, which becomes yet one more item about you that they could potentially sell.

Guess what, insurers love this data too and I have heard from friends they get letters and do not have diabetes that begin with “now that you have been diagnosed with diabetes” …and that’s not right.  Granted we need the awareness and it’s out there but we don’t need flawed data doing a diagnosis.  You’ll get scored and denied something based on this flawed data, happens all the time and it’s on your dime to fix the data that the sellers made millions distributing.

Data Selling and the Direct Correlation To Accelerated Inequality - Epidemic Spreading Like A Virus Moving Money Keeping Corporations Cash Rich and Consumers Cash Poor

This is the biggest racket around as they all want to make their millions and billions and then it comes back to us, the consumer to prove our innocence of whatever nonsense their data for profit lists.  Again all these non data mechanic logic folks have been just swimming in this with goofy perceptions on how take action and I’m tired of it as they do nothing except wish for some Algo Fairies to come along and save the day..duh?  Here’s a little example of one of my posts being read by Senator Warren’s office. 

Not only that but the data brokers get off easy if they can’t pay their fine, like this one who was fined $1 million but had it cut back to $60,000.00 as the fine would put him out of business and he couldn’t afford it, well I say fine to the second option by all means.  One less out there selling flawed data is great for consumers.

Two Data Brokers Get Fined by the FTC For Non Compliance, One Gets Most All Of The Million Dollar Fine Reduced as They Could Not Afford To Pay By the Court, But If You Are A Consumer With Medical Bills You Go To Bankruptcy Court..

60 Minutes videos will fill you in as well about this nasty business that hurts consumers.

60 Minutes Blasts The Data Sellers, FTC Admits They Have Lost Control - Time To License and Excise Tax “ALL” Data Sellers, Banks, Companies, Etc. - Congress Needs to Act On This…

So what, forget going to the doctor and let the internet diagnose you now with all these so called predictive analytics, no thanks!  Time to license and index all data sellers so we know who they are!  Once you’re done here, take a visit over to Healthgrades and Vitals and see if you can find a “dead doctor” or one with flawed data over there to make an appointment with.  Three links below will give you some good insight there on how flawed their data is.  BD  

Doctors With Serious Sanctions Running Clinical Trials in the US And Sites Such As Healthgrades and Vitals Show No Sanctions at All So You Can Get Fooled Easily
Top Doctor For Miami VA Healthcare System Lost Medical License in New York, Had Issues With Florida Board of Medicine, But On the Internet He Still Works and Takes New Patients in New York With Plenty of Insurers…
Operation Spinal Cap-Former Owner of Orthopedic Hospital Admits He Bribed California State Senator Calderon-Hospital Closed And Sold But Still Listed on Healthgrades

NEW YORK — Dan Abate doesn't have diabetes nor is he aware of any obvious link to the disease. Try telling that to data miners.

The 42-year-old information technology worker's name recently showed up in a database of millions of people with "diabetes interest" sold by Acxiom Corp., one of the world's biggest data brokers. One buyer, data reseller Exact Data, posted Abate's name and address online, along with 100 others, under the header Sample Diabetes Mailing List. It's just one of hundreds of medical databases up for sale to marketers.

In a year when former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden's revelations about the collection of United States phone data have sparked privacy fears, data miners have been quietly using their tools to peek into America's medicine cabinets. Tapping social media, health-related phone apps and medical websites, data aggregators are scooping up bits and pieces of tens of millions of Americans' medical histories. Even a purchase at the pharmacy can land a shopper on a health list.

"People would be shocked if they knew they were on some of these lists," said Pam Dixon, president of the non-profit advocacy group World Privacy Forum, who has testified before Congress on the data broker industry. "Yet millions are."

They're showing up in directories with names like "Suffering Seniors" or "Aching and Ailing," according to a Bloomberg review of this little known corner of the data mining industry. Other lists are categorized by diagnosis, including groupings of 2.3 million cancer patients, 14 million depression sufferers and 600,000 homes where a child or other member of the household has autism or attention deficit disorder.

"It is outrageous and unfair to consumers that companies profiting off the collection and sale of individuals' health information operate behind a veil of secrecy," said Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va. "Consumers deserve to know who is profiting."

Exact Data's Chief Executive Officer Larry Organ said the list posted on its website shouldn't have included last names and street addresses, and the company has since deleted any identifiable information. He said the data came from Acxiom and Exact Data was reselling it.


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