NueMD is conducting a survey of healthcare professionals to gauge their knowledge of HIPAA and help them prepare for an audit.   NueMD is one of the valued sponsors at the Medical Quack so please when you have a moment be sure to take look at the right hand side and see what all have to offer.  Advertisers help keep this blog going.   I also have a link at the bottom of the site with additional information located at the NueMD website.   Nobody ever looks  forward to a HIPAA audit but it’s better to be prepared than to be caught short by all means.  BD 

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NueMD is conducting a survey of medical practices, billing companies, and business associates about HIPAA compliance.

In anticipation of the upcoming audits by the Office of Civil Rights, researchers at NueMD have teamed up with The Daniel Brown Law Group and Porter Research to conduct a survey that will help small practices prepare for an audit.

The survey will gauge respondents’ knowledge of HIPAA’s Privacy and Security regulations, understanding of compliance measures, and how electronic devices are used for communication.

Participation is strongly encouraged for care providers, office managers, and office staff of medical practices, as well as those who work for business associates (medical billing companies, software companies, etc) of covered entities.

“Our goal with this survey is to understand how knowledgeable small practices are about HIPAA regulations and what they’re doing to prepare for an audit,” said Caleb Clarke, director of strategic development at NueMD. “The results of the survey will also allow practices to benchmark their progress against their peers and learn what areas may require additional attention.”

All responses are anonymous, and instructions on how to access the results will be provided upon completion of the survey.


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