The MIB has been around for a long time and now according to their website you will only have an MIB file to access if you have applied for any type of insurance coverage in the last 7 years.  Now that doesn’t mean they purged the files necessarily as they go back forever and insurers might have access to file of data about you that you may not.  It could be archived as that’s what folks do with data and don’t toss it away.  imageNow they collect more than just medical information, a lot more, like car insurance, and anything else that can be used for any type of insurance risk assessment for insurers.  See the notation below on the file, it says if you have not applied for insurance to be underwritten in the last year, there’s no “Consumer” file.  Watch the wording today on some of this as again that’s only a “consumer” file so you can bet you still have a file but you can’t get it if you don’t meet the parameters. 

From the Website:

“MIB Group, Inc. is a member-owned corporation that has operated on a not-for-profit basis in the United States and Canada since 1902. MIB's Underwriting Services are used exclusively by MIB's member life and health insurance companies to assess an individual’s risk and eligibility during the underwriting of life, health, disability income, critical illness, and long-term care insurance policies. These services "alert" underwriters to errors, omissions or misrepresentations made on insurance applications. By mitigating the risk of applicant errors, omissions and misrepresentations, MIB may help lower the cost of life and health insurance for consumers.

Individuals who have not applied for individually underwritten life or health insurance in the last seven years will NOT have an MIB Consumer File.

So in addition to credit report damage from ID theft now you have to worry about the data these folks collect too.  Nice, huh and other chase around for the consumers created by data sharing and selling algorithms when problems arise.  People get shut out of life insurance now with errors so if you don’t have an ideal weight /height ratio, you’re shut out if the insurer wants to do so.  Again as the agency reports, there format is coding and and not your medical records, so ok you are there with a code that represents a diagnosis of some sort, or payment of a prescription of a drug for a condition.  We know how all this information get re-matched today easily.  So the MIB pitch on “we don’t have your medical records” is true but they got data and have you coded so they don’t need that information.

Data Brokers Are Now Diagnosing Consumers With Diabetes And Other Chronic Conditions–”Over Rated And Broken Predictive Behavioral Math Models” Providing a Diagnosis That Should Always Be Documented From Your Doctor, Not From The Web

It’s funny too as the site states you have to authorize access of insurers to the MIB files, well if you don’t you don’t get insurance so that’s a bit of a joke if you will with their marketing.  You can get a copy of your report for free once a year and again this is turning out to be just one more area to where consumers on their dime chase the flawed data, just like credit agencies.  Here’s an article from the archives that tells about how they do mortality assessments on you.  If you have flawed data in there, well we know that song and again flawed data is on the rise.

MIB Solutions and Hooper Holmes Working Together to Assess Morality Risk – Analytics and Consumer Files Used for Underwriting And To Estimate How Long You May Live And What Your Body Will Cost Over Time
The MIB – Health Insurance Bureau Business Intelligence Mining May Go Beyond Just Healthcare Information

Consumers have been turned into “little flawed data chasers” the expense that businesses profit.  MIB had to change a bit of their business model since the ACA ruled out pre-existing conditions but that’s been replaced with a new risk factor called narrow networks for cost. 

Pre-existing Conditions With Health Insurance May Be Gone But Narrow Networks Are Providing The Same End Result For Many Ill Patients With Not Being Able To Get Care - Extreme Cases Of New Killer Algorithms Popping Up With Insurance Business Models…

So this database monster still exists today, just in a little different format I guess you could say and now wants your input like the data brokers, credit agencies to fix the stuff they don’t get right and there’s a lot of it anymore.

One basic change is that insurers still all “hook” in to the MIB to find data about you, that has not changed.  imageCompanies and banks are going to kill us with their inabilities to create non flawed data and dump it out or sell it to the world to anyone who has a buck.  They will build this up just as they did credit data so there will be more consumers having to chase this data as well to correct or that old familiar word “Denied” comes back to hit, again the data selling epidemic. 

When you look at the status of affair with insurers today, they are indeed driving themselves off a cliff as there’s that addiction process to have to have every stick of data they can get, query, etc. even if it contributes zero an ROI or better care for patients.  It’s becoming a real big problem as relevant data is what is needed, not volume.

Health Insurance Business Is Driving Itself Off a Cliff & Doesn’t Know When to Stop With Collecting, Analyzing and Processing Non Relevant Data With Little Or No Impact On Giving Good Care..

This all comes back to the “Secret Scoring of America” and this keeps the inequality acceleration moving, all on servers running 24/7 and we wonder why we have a data theft and Id fraud issue in the US?  I do have to say the marketing here on the MIB page is pretty thick but they want to be seen as a good guy and basically they are just another data seller, but a non profit one here.   BD

Data Selling and the Direct correlation To Accelerated Inequality - Epidemic Spreading Like A Virus Moving Money Keeping Corporations Cash Rich and Consumers Cash Poor


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