Here’s that topic again that nobody liked to talk about “hospital inequality” or in this case we have “no hospital” in a imagepoor county in Virginia.  Remote Area Medical is there this weekend to provide free healthcare in a community that has only 3 dentists and where the doctors are struggling.  In Texas last week, people showed up to the ER room of hospital to find a “sorry we’re closed” sign on the door and we’ll tell you more later, they ran out of money is the long and short of it. 

You can go here to watch the video as I can’t embed it and it links to Facebook, one of those media stations still running news through Facebook, and I see more are changing to fix that, thank goodness.  I wish the TV station would change their parameters on the Kaltura player to allow embedding:)  It can be done as I’ve worked with their platform.

Some people have been waiting a year for care and even the football team is out unloading the trucks and planes.  East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia are two place where the need is great and where Ram has had many free clinics.  As a matter of fact, there’s a big free clinic going on in Los Angeles this weekend too, so it’s not just rural areas where healthcare is needed.  BD 

Even before the Lee County, Virginia hospital was closed recently, the need for healthcare was great. Now without a hospital, that need is even greater.

Lee County's airport is being converted into a temporary medical facility by Remote Area Medical and their team of volunteers to provide free services that are much needed. "It's a poor county. We need to be there, Remote Area Medical needs to be there. Their hospital closed, their doctors are struggling.  In the entire county they have three working dentists. This is an area of great need," says Health Wagon medical director Dr. Joe Smiddy.


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