Well yesterday came and left and I have been reading over and over that the life of most mHealth apps is around two weeks, so look at the money spent on all of this again and you come back to square one with pushing models on humans they don’t want and few have interest in.  It’s all about making money and there’s nothing wrong with that as we all need a certain amount of money to survive but what I saw yesterday was yet one more example of how “virtual” things have become. We hear over and over how all of the devices are going to make things better but instead we have a world of consumers just “pounded” with marketing as companies have spent a lot of money and when they find out “people don’t work that way” here comes the marketing to “force people to work that way” and I saw a lot of that yesterday.  Apple is not alone, it’s all around you and when people don’t buy, out comes the marketing, fake studies and skewed numbers to “make you believe” that everything out there will make your life better.

The truth is not always such.  As a matter of fact there’s a lot of irritation to most of this as we see our “Algo Duped” Congress who can’t do little anymore as things have gone over most of their heads and some are zoned out into the same “virtual” values that do little for the real world.   This is very difficult indeed for doctors as they have to deal with the “real” world every day, patients, and they too have to balance the somewhat nutty technology we see and find what makes sense. 

So now that companies have all spent these ghastly amounts of money on some broken models, what’s left?  We can look forward to more data selling, more expense with non relevant data being used and of course we pay for all of this as well.   Because of all the money spent creating queries and software though, it’s going to be forced upon us to go against the grain of the “real” world and buy in to all of this and we will continue to see one failure after another as our society gets angrier as with time and more failed models, the Algo Duping becomes more apparent.  I’m not saying it’s all bad by any means and there’s some really neat stuff going on as well but so much of it gets back burnered anymore as the “junk” hops out in front.  I used to write software and thus I have some real admirations for talented people who do create great solutions too, but again that’s not what makes top line news today. 

“People Don’t Work That Way” A World of Broken Software Models That Don’t Align To the Human Side,Too Much Push At Times With Only A Proof of Concept That Fails in the Real World..

The larger iPhone I see as a real world type solution of course as who doesn’t want more screen real estate?  Everyone wants that so there was one answer from Apple that maintained a response to the “real world” desires.  A new operating system as well was introduced and that’s just part of business today and the ability for more developers to write more apps, well we get both with that option as well, more good stuff and more nonsense.  I do miss the days when big corporations maintained the “nonsense” in house and we didn’t have to hear about it until there was a pretty good chance of a a decent, usable product or service coming out.  Today we have to listen to every tiny bit of nonsense software, many of which right from the start are a “proof of concept” that’s going to fail or is written to be a “duper” to collect more consumer data to sell.

In essence, yesterday Apple just became a bit more virtual with the “watch” and the idea that we are just climbing the walls for mHealth apps.  Sure they have spent a lot of money as have many others and there are good professional mHealth apps that doctors use, many FDA approved as well, but we get the quantitated “junk” mostly and I didn’t see yesterday as being anything different.  If you are thinking the mHealth devices and apps are ready for EMR integration, well think again because that too is a long lengthy and costly road.  Wake up to the reality here. 

Of course anyone in the Health IT business knows that if anyone can or wants to do anything, it’s Dr. Halamka at Harvard Medical and I just head his post and guess what, that’s exactly where we go with all of this.  Of course we all rely on his viewpoints and expertise and yesterday was no different as he wrote he spent time using the technology…

“Apple created an enormous white pavilion next to the Flint Center for the demonstration of these products.  I spent the afternoon using the technology they announced.

Recently, a donor committed significant funds to the development on an app that will do just that.    We hope to have a running prototype in 2015.”

We don’t know who the donor is but read his comments and someone’s paying a lot of money for an app to be developed that “could” work with EMRS.  As I always say, “the short order computer code kitchen burned down years ago and there was no fire sale”. 

Dr. Halamka seems to agree with exactly what I have been saying for a long time too, the answer is “middleware” and this is the case here too. Keep in mind he’s also looking at a lot of this for the first time and you know what’s going on as far as structure until you dig in to the code here.

So anyway, you can dream on for a while and I hope we get something worthwhile from Harvard as Dr. Halamka is always hands on and not marketing more “quantitated madness” for what he says and does, unlike the rest of what you see out there.  We are already seeing a great deal of non relevant software and analytics just being pushed in our faces constantly and the “dream of the sexy job” of being a data scientist.  One some of that you can almost laugh on if you understand some of their math and the number dupes that occur.  Scroll down and watch video #1 in my footer if you want more on that and how we all get duped over and over and over again with numbers.  That’s not going to stop any time soon either as “duping” is very profitable until the model just falls on it’s face and won’t work anymore with the arrays of data, subprime anyone? 

How Long Before the Data Scientist Demand Begins To Slow? About Half of the Analytics Investments Will Be A Wasted Investment As Some Data Will Prove To Be Non-Relevant to Solving “Real World” Situations At Hand

Dr. Halamka also stated it has become a war with security and his job as a CIO of course is going focus more on that as a priority while the the little watch project will fall in somewhere down the line.  We need security with medical records, the little watch is an option that’s going to cost money as well so it has to take it’s place of being a virtual value as we work in the “real world”.  

It’s Become A War To Keep Patient Medical Records Secure And Out of the Hands of Hackers, Data Selling Epidemic in the US Fuels This Fire…

Ok so now that the virtual nonsense of the watch and Apple Pay is done we can get back to the real world today and go about our business and hopefully we may have learned one more thing from yesterday, be a skeptic when you need to be.  Here’s a great essay written by a quant on that topic who does models and has for years.  We are living in “Duper Ville” at times and the key is to figure out what’s a real world value and what’s virtual and ask “am I being duped” again. 

I’m not specifically attacking Apple by the way at all but rather just addressing their contributions to the world of some additional confusion for consumers in graying out virtual versus real world values and we had a bunch of that yesterday, it’s a real problem today as even our White House puts out emails with “junk science” numbers posted that nobody can predict, so there’s a ton folks in government that are duped as well, and that’s really the scary part as they become more virtual being duped and corporations and banks run more of the country. 

“On Being a Data Skeptic- Modelers Have A Bigger Responsibility Now Than Ever Before”–A Must Read Essay, Start “Sniffing the Data”…

The credit card people too were excited too yesterday as more you use that credit card, the more data they get to sell and I wrote about that last year as a warning as Master Card was bragging about what they are doing today and how profitable their data selling ecommerce was going to be, yup, selling our transaction data. 

MasterCard Recruiting Software Engineers For New e-Commerce Technology Lab, Maybe More Slicing and Dicing of Our Data To Sell to Insurance Companies for One? Be Wary of Corporate “Algo Dupers” Out There Feeding on “Nonskeptical Consumers”…

If you want to know more about how this works, visit the Killer Algorithms page where people smarter than me explain some of this for you as it’s not going away anytime soon as long as folks in the virtual worlds can come out and harvest some real world values and make billions.  BD

Attack of the Killer Algorithms – “Algo Duping 101″


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