The Red Cross is even having to look at budgets as the need for as much blood has changed.  Of course there’s still always imagea need but where and how is changing a bit.  People who are injured in crashes and accidents will always be there to need blood.  They are doing more with less and you can read in several areas they have laid off staff.  They have to have plenty of vendors lined up for a blood drive and they need a minimum of 25 people for a blood drive as the cost is around $4000 for each drive. 

Thus scheduling in advance is a help and now the Red Cross has an app they hope will assist them with that effort.  You can visit the site and see they already have plenty of apps out there. 

Red Cross Mobile Apps


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Here’s a video on how the Red Cross “Blood” app works.  I’m not too hot on the selfie end of it but like everything else out there you can earn rewards.  I never thought of donating blood deserving a “reward” but rather just something you did for the “good”.  So now the Red Cross has to market themselves as well to ensure there’s enough blood around.  I can see the app helping with scheduling for sure  with adjusting their manpower and drives if everyone shows up as they schedule.  Again I’ve always been motivated to donate to save lives but this is the world we live in.  BD 


An organization that is always there to help people in need is going through a slight transformation. The American red cross says their need is dropping and it is forcing them to make some changes. people who work in the ''blood-banking'' industry might consider it a bad thing.

UAB is one of the American Red Cross' biggest customers. Most businesses live and die by keeping up with supply and demand. People who work at blood-banking organizations like the American Red Cross say it's not so simple.

Doctors will tell you the medical industry has changed

"We've always had 36 management teams or regions. We are down to 19," added Turner.

Turners tells ABC 33/40 his chapter is doing more with less.

"For example, I am in clinical services, but cover Alabama, Georgia and Puerto Rico instead of just Alabama," added Turner.


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