This went into effect at midnight as the two could not come to an agreement.  As I read this, a two year agreement was reached but not the three years that Stanford wanted.  This was not the first time this happened as it’s a repeat of 2011, same thing.   imageTime will tell how long it takes this time before the two come to terms.  Stanford Medical is also in the process of trying to save a small hospital system from going out of business and is talking to acquire them.  Nobody likes to talk about “hospital inequality” to include CMS but it’s there slapping you in the face every day.  Anyway if patients continue to go there they will be considered out of network now if they have Blue Cross Anthem insurance and it will cost more.  They say Stanford is one of the most expensive hospitals in the state but heck they need the money to bail out these other hospitals right now, right? 

Stanford Hospital In Talks to Throw Valley Care Health System A Life Line to Merge

There’s no doubt that Stanford is a top notch hospital in a lot of what they do there for sure.  The annual MedX conference just ended there yesterday afternoon with e-patients and many more and this was the climax to all of it with this.   As I understood both sides were working to come to some kind of an agreement yesterday but obviously it didn’t work.  BD

STANFORD (KCBS)— Some 10,000 Anthem Blue Cross members are no longer covered at Stanford Health Care because of a contract dispute where the hospital abruptly cancelled Anthem’s contract.

Anthem’s president sent a letter to Stanford, calling on the hospital to rescind its termination so that members could have uninterrupted care. The two sides have been negotiating a new three-year-contract.

A Stanford health-care spokesman told the San Francisco Business Times that they want an agreement for a third year on the exact same terms as the first two, but said Anthem is not agreeing to it.


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