For as long as I can think back and remember PatientKeeper has been around.  Their platform has been in use in HCA hospitals so I guess why not own it.  The platform integrates with many types of software and provides workflow support for the physicians and works onimage mobile computers and phones. 

Patient Keeper has been a long time Meditech partner as well.  All employees as I read here will all remain in Massachusetts.  CPOE (Computer Physician Order Entry) is one of the company’s strong points and they offer other services as well as security, charge capture and so on.   BD 

From the Website:

“It started more than 10 years ago with a simple observation: physicians need an easier way to access and work with patient information. Long before the popularization of electronic health records and the advent of Meaningful Use incentives, PatientKeeper was a pioneer, offering physicians a single view of their patients’ information, integrated from multiple systems across a hospital, and easily accessible on computers and mobile devices.”

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--HCA (NYSE:HCA), which operates 164 hospitals and 114 surgery centers in 20 states and England, today announced the signing of an agreement to purchase PatientKeeper®, a leading provider of intuitive software and mobile applications that help physicians access and work with patient information.

    “This is an opportunity to align a software vendor with one of the leading healthcare providers in the world. It gives us a platform that will allow for real-time innovation and the opportunity to improve the delivery of healthcare.”

PatientKeeper is a privately held company that provides applications for physicians that run on an innovative architecture that overlay hospital IT systems. These applications provide physicians with a set of electronic tools to automate their day in a way that saves them time and allows them to better focus on patient care.

For the past seven years, physicians at HCA-affiliated hospitals have been using PatientKeeper to access a single view of their patients’ information across a variety of hospital systems, to streamline workflow, and to help improve patient care. This purchase will facilitate the continued development of HCA’s electronic health record and enable HCA to provide physicians a number of capabilities, including computerized physician order entry (CPOE), medication reconciliation, and documentation. Furthermore, the combined companies will continue to enhance and expand PatientKeeper product offerings.

PatientKeeper serves more than 58,000 physician users. PatientKeeper’s intuitive software integrates with existing healthcare information systems to create an effective solution for physicians. Its applications include Charge Capture, Clinical Results Review, CPOE, eSignature, Medication Reconciliation, NoteWriter and Sign Out.


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