Very nice hospitals putting the effort in to helping patients learn how to use a personal health records, in this case, HeatlhVault from Microsoft. Just created one for my mother last evening and we plan to sign up in the next few days for the $9.00 a year fax service where any item can be faxed to a specific number dedicated to the account and the document is saved and there. Neat new vendor and feature added to the HealthVault. BD

HealthVault Has New Features Including Fax Services for $9.00 a year – Fax to the Vault!

I finally had time to take a look around in detail at some of the new features. The one that is very simple for anyone is the

$9.00 a year fax service. This is neat as you get a dedicated fax number that you can give to anyone to send a fax, and the document will be found in your HealthVault Account.

That makes it easy for any office to fax you a copy of any paper document and have it in your records, thus it becomes a repository for things that are still on paper, but they are now in a paperless format for you to access through the Vault.

That in itself is a catch all for anything that can be faxed! Even if you are up to date with technology, you could be dealing with medical facilities who still use a lot of paper, so this way you are ready and set to go and don’t have to wait by a fax machine yourself to receive.

WENATCHEE — Patients in North Central Washington will soon have access to their own health care records, and, if they choose to participate, will be able to add to and share their records with other providers.

Participation is voluntary, and Hernandez said the health records will be as secure as online bank accounts. Community Choice is working with Microsoft’s HealthVault to create the Health Record Bank. A patient’s records will not go online unless that person signs up for the program.

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  1. There are many different types of records that you will find to be extremely beneficial throughout your lifetime. These records include those that are related to your personal health, online records, wills, insurance records, property records, and even those that are related to educating patients such as drug interactions.


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