Microsoft has a ton of patents and if one were to really imagesee how many of them are really put into action I would imagine the ones that are not would certainly outnumber those that are in practice.  I’ve written about some that to my best knowledge have never seen the light of day.  On the plus side of this is the fact that “they” have the patent before some small start up rolls it out and I feel a little better with the Softies having the patent.  We see that not only with Microsoft but Apple and other big tech companies. 

Then again it could be something for use down the road as we just don’t know how things are going to evolve throughout the web and technology but with all the focus on predictive behaviors the research folks at Microsoft are dialed in to be ready for almost any tech battle ground whether it is needed or not.  Many of the folks in healthcare though with their psychological analytics with predictive behavior though do make me uneasy though and I see some out there creating some of these types of analytics just for the sake of selling more software.  BD

A while back we reported about a Microsoft patent application for a system that would scan your posts on Facebook and other social media (with your permission, presumably) to deduce your mood, interests, and possibly even your intelligence, to help deliver search results more suited to you.

A different Microsoft patent application, made public this week, proposes targeting ads to users based on their emotional state at any given point.

The application was originally filed in December 2010 and made public this past week, on June 7. As with most of these things, there’s no indication that the company actually plans to roll this out. But it provides a glimpse into the mindset of Microsoft’s engineers as they contemplate future products.


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