If you have been watching the news then you are aware of the annual big ASCO convention in Chicago where all the news is happening regarding cancer research.  Komen this year according to this article was a no show and I’m sure the publicity with their business units may have had something to do with this.  They had no booth either.  It was just about a month ago the vice president in charge of public relations resigned so perhaps there was not enough time to have a new game plan put together before the conference.  Ms. Brinker was also scheduled to receive an award for her public service efforts as well.

Komen Public Relations Vice President In Charge of Public Relations, Branding and Marketing Resigns–Business Intelligence Decisions/Marketing Not Popular With Consumers–Algorithm Attack #10 Revisited

Philanthropy and business decisions today are having their collisions for sure and we all know how the politicians made it even worse.  BD

Komen Founder and CEO Nancy G. Brinker did not attend this year’s American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual meeting to receive the society’s 2012 Public Service Award “for her commitment to breast cancer awareness, fundraising efforts, and legislation in support of cancer research, treatment, and care, as well as her tireless efforts on behalf of patients with breast cancer, survivors, and their families.”

According to ASCO news releases and other information, the award was supposed to have been presented during a private event on Friday



  1. Hi, this is Andrea Rader at Komen. Please note the correction from the Oncology Times on this report yesterday. Nancy wasn't at ASCO because she was presiding over Komen's Global Race in Washington, D.C. She and ASCO have agreed to delay the award ceremony until the fall. This was a scheduling conflict and nothing more. Thanks for allowing us to set the record straight.


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