Is 3D printing used in healthcare, you bet and here’s a couple past posts on that topic in the links below.  I attended the Israel Conference last imageweek and had a great conversation with the folks from Objet.  Both companies have no debt.  I like the ability of 3D printers to make teeth myself having been one of those unlucky folks in life who has had to invest a lot of money in teeth.  Objet already does digital dentistry with implants. 

Digital Dentistry

Woman Receives Jaw Transplant-Created by a 3D Printer–She Can Swallow Again at 83 Years of Age-Regenerative Printed Medicine

The link below has a video using 3D printing and who knows this may be the way organs for transplant are created in the near future.  A demonstration was done live on stage at a TED event not too long ago.

Scientists At Wake Forest Grow a Mini Liver From Human Cells–Regenerative Medicine

Last week at the conference there was no mention of the mergerimage but I did get to see an actual machine and received quite a bit of information on how they work with speaking to Gaylynn Wood, the west coast regional channel manager for Objet.  In reference to what is available the link below on a prosthetic leg is probably right in the picture as being possible today and contains more information on the orthopedic MD who is designing the prosthetics. 

Need a Prosthetic Leg–3D Printing Will be Able to Generate One for You Soon for Around $5000

Fused Deposition Modeling is the name of the process that is used for producing medical products.  Below are a couple videos, one from each company that explains some of what they do.  I saw the Object pipe wrench at the convention and actually that was the first question I had, where’ the pipe wrench <grin>. 

In time with healthcare I think we can expect to a lot more use and innovation in the area of 3-D printing.  The printing of a human organ in itself is amazing with use of a printer on a scaffold prepared to hold the content.  BD 

FMD Modeling

Object 3D Printer

Stratasys (SSYS), the 3D printer maker, is firing on all cylinders this year. The Eden Prairie, Minn.-based company is merging with Objet, a privately held Israeli firm that specializes in high-end 3D printers.

Stratasys also has introduced its lowest-priced printer, called Mojo, while experiencing strong sales growth in its high-end Fortus printer.
Stratasys has clients in the aerospace, automotive, consumer, educational, medical and military industries.
Objet is the third-largest player in the industry, and its 3D printers provide very high-surface finish and feature detail, but lower durability, that can be used for visual verification of concept models and prototypes.


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