imageI recently attended the Israel Conference in Los Angeles and as like last year the amount of brains and technology all in one small place is astounding and my brain hurt when I left.   I spoke with the folks at Kinvestix and if you read here at the Medical Quack then you have seen all kinds of posts relative to what Kinect does and what it can do from surgical procedures to peeling a grape. 

I spoke with imageAsaf Manor about how it works and it kind of looked like fun.  Not having to wear “actual weights” is a big plus and it can be a bit safer in not injuring yourself as well.   The company was featured at the MicrosoftrndIsrael recently.  When you watch the video there are placements are are definitely for the male users <grin>. 
It looks as if you can get a full gym workout with the gym and getimage some entertainment at the same time.  These kind of games are fine with me and beat the heck out of those that gather and sell your data online.    
I also spoke with a 3D printing company at the Israel Conference who just announced merging with a US company that does the same thing and was able to actually see on of those 3D printing machines.  Read more about Object here.  BD 



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