This is classic and from what else I have read pretty much tellsimage the story.  Earlier today I found another priceless comment stating that "Lloyd Blankfein must be happy now that some of the negative shadows are following Dimon” so I guess he can go out in public again:)  Also in the news today, we had this about seniors. 

Attack of the Killer Algorithms Chapter 34–Senior Abuse With Complicated Formulas and Text Written Beyond Normal Levels of Comprehension

Watch this PBS 4 part video series on Wall Street and even cities and municipalities were on the hook and taken advantage of and it gives you the history on how derivatives were born at JP Morgan with young executives on a company trip in Florida years back, they did a good job with their coverage for sure. If the banks can’t figure out their own complicated algorithms, what are seniors and other consumers going to do? 

We need some “tech ”CEOs I think as figureheads that don’t know squat are getting old and like in the video they get to play dumb and everyone believes him in the Senate.   

Now back to to laugh at our spineless Senate and it does make for a very good circus as Jon Stewart points out.  Excuse my language here, but what bunch of “suck ups” as there’s no better way to describe this when you watch the video.  BD


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