It’s called the “The Last Moment Robot” and even if it’s aimage person I don’t know that would certainly beat this as  I really don’t think robots are a replacement at this place in time.  It’s very creepy to watch the robotic arm move around to comfort the patient.  The video shows the patient laying on a mattress on the floor of all things.  You  can read the entire story on this at the link but once the doctor leaves the room, the robot takes over. 
I’m sorry I love technology but this is just a bit over the top and I don’t’ want to see this in palliative care any time soon or a CPT code to cover it.  BD 

End of Life Robot

“I am the Last Moment Robot. I am here to help you and guide you through your last moment on Earth. I am sorry that your family and friends can't be with you right now, but don't be afraid. I am here to comfort you. You are not alone, you are with me. Your family and friends love you very much, they will remember you after you are gone.”

Once the patient lies down and the device is activated, LEDs display the words "Detecting end of life." At this point, the "doctor" exits the room, leaving the patient alone. Within moments, the LEDs read "End of life detected," and the robotic arm begins its back-and-forth caressing action in what is supposed to be a comforting gesture that Chen says tends to cause visitors a "paradoxical sensation of comfort and discomfort."

"The device is meant to raise questions," he says. "The process of dying is probably the most vulnerable moment of a human life, where one seeks the assurance of human connection. In this installation, human presence is replaced with a robot, questioning the quality of intimacy without humanity."


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