The full press release can be read here.  PKC founder Dr. Lawrence Weed is known as the founder of the SOAP note and any in medical imagepractices knows what that is as it continued on from the original structure with paper charts right into electronic medical records and basically is the ground work to cover all the important items in a visit with a patient.  The PKC data base was created to give support for “meaningful use” as well.  What is interesting here is the access that patients will have to the data base of information and will be able to use it and forward to a physician and this way to put it in simple terms the doctor has the basis of the information he needs with contributions from the patient, and in the process the patient gets smarter too, so it sounds like this is a win-win.  When Sharecare first came out, I had some reservations as we all do until we see it in actual operation and how it is formatted for use on the web.  The big key here is to get “credible” information as the web is a jungle today. 

New Website–Some Health Advice Will Be From Advertisers So the Line Between Professional Information and Marketing Could Get Just A Bit More Grey and Confusing

I looked around the site a little bit today and you can joinimage networks and become friends, a little like Facebook in format and each physician or other professional contributor has a profile of how many questions they have answered and where they are so in essence it looks like it drives some potential business to them if they might happen to be in the area of an inquiring consumer.

You can also explore the PKC website to see what services imagethey offer and for the layman in looking it might be a little confusing as there’s a lot on there about the three specific services they offer but the Profiler option is the one created to work with electronic medical record systems and the Clinical Knowledge Management is the data base of journal publications and more.  One thing to note here from the data side, look at how long it took to compile all of this, a long time. 

So consumers get ready to learn about SOAP notes and how they come together to ensure that all subjectives of an office visit are addressed and you get to contribute, which this is what it’s all about with communication and having factual information to discuss.  You won’t be required to know all the details but the process will walk you through to get the information that will be best utilized by all.  Back about a year and a half ago I participated on a group interview over the phone with Dr. Oz when he announced his 11 weeks program.  You can read more a the link and I got a kick out of the use of “11” and the interest in numerology here birthday wise he’s an “11” and I’m an “11” too so it’s interesting on some of the topics he discusses and has some fun with it too.  It’s all his enthusiasm and non ending energy that makes him addictive, in a good way as that stuff is contagious.  BD    


Dr. Oz “11 Weeks to Move It and Lose It” Revolutionary Weight Loss Challenge to Launching Jan. 3, 2011

A clinical decision support company founded by medical informatics pioneer Dr. Lawrence Weed is now in the hands of TV host Dr. Mehmet Oz and WebMD founder Jeff Arnold.

Sharecare, the Atlanta-based health and wellness social network started by Arnold and Oz, announced Monday that it has purchased PKC, maker of clinical knowledge management software for clinicians and consumers.

PKC, of Burlington, Vt., gives Sharecare a clinical engine for its social media-oriented system and Sharecare provides the outlet to consumers that PKC had sought for years, according to Pierce. "This is actually going to plan" from the time he joined the company 20 years ago, "but I had to add 10 years to the plan," Pierce joked.


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