Here we go again and it’s been over 2 years since I started my little campaign and still no bar codes for FDA recalls?  What’s it going to take?  Folks on Twitter liked the idea and it’s good for prescriptions, over the counter and medical devices too.  Not all hospitals and small surgical centers have a sophisticated system and consumers would like to have this option, it was a winner hands down on the poll I did. 

YOU CAN STILL VOTE FOR BAR CODES TO USE WITH RECALLS AND IF YOU RAD A LITTLE FURTHER HERE, IT SOVLES A LOT OF OTHER ISSUES LIKE FINDING STOLEN DRUGS TOO.  ONE TECHNOLOGY CAN SOLVE A LOT OF EVILS!   Read the article below on how a man died being implanted with a device that had been recalled but was missed being pulled from inventory.
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Micro-Cap FDA Recalls Never End

The recall involves a birth-control pill called Introvale that is marketed by Sandoz. The product contains 84 active pills that are peach colored and seven inactive pills in week 13 that are white.

FDA said the recall, which affects 10 lots distributed between January and May 2012, was prompted by a consumer report of the inactive pills being located in the row labeled week nine.

"While the white placebo tablets can be clearly distinguished from the peach-colored active tablets, the risk of an unintended pregnancy for a patient taking the wrong tablet over several days cannot be excluded," FDA said.image

The lot numbers involved in the recall are as follows: LF00478C, LF00479C, LF00551C, LF00552C, LF00687C, LF00688C, LF00763C, LF00764C, LF00765C and LF01261C. It is not clear how many packages were impacted by the error. A Sandoz spokesman didn't immediately return a request for comment left late Wednesday.


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