Above in the title are 3 reasons to eliminate some clutter.  Back when this was novel and new, its had some impact, even back then though the data reported was not accurate either, so why have it.  I’m sure it’s getting better as time moves on but I glanced through the list and guess what, not one hospital in Massachusetts was listed?  What’s up with that.  It might have something to do with the hospitals in that state contesting how Health Grades came up with their numbers, and they are right to question. 

If you read here often enough then you saw my experience with finding my former doctor on there who had been dead for 8 years and will still listed as being alive and well, so after life for doctors on the web seems to exist.  We might see better marketing of these reports now though as they merged with a marketing company.  The AMA even got interested in that one and we had a chat and interview on their processes.  Doctors were listed on staff at hospitals they had never foot in and there were other dead doctors in there too.  Here’s the original story I did a couple years ago.

HealthGrades And Other MD Rating and Referral Sites List “Dead Doctors” on Their MD Information Pages And Even Include the Insurance Plans the “Dead Doctors” Honor

These folks didn’t do to hot either at Avvo and there were others. 

Avvo Physician Rating Service Can’t Get Accurate Information Listed on Doctors - One OC Oncologist Sitting in Jail for Fraud

On some related issues here with flawed data here’s a couple links worth reading about and it will further substantiate the rise of flawed data both on the web and in healthcare.

Social Security Master Death Index Data Flawed–Over 31,000 Living Found in the Index

City of Buffalo Has Paid Over $2 Million to Provide Health Insurance for Hundreds of Dead People-Some as Many as 4 Years

So let’s just hang these up as they are dated and don’t do much anymore and with marketing spins today it’s hard to see sometimes what is real and what is  not.  There was another rating group, Leapfrog which was out there and I saw some discussion on the web about how those listed had to “pay” I believe to use their ratings if they were one of the “best”?  Again more reason to just scratch these and focus on something else with more value as times have changed quickly and these rating “algorithms” don’t seem to be doing real well with evaluating “human” efforts.  This reporting borders dangerously on what I call the Attacks of the Killer Algorithms, again as marketing spins and numbers get flawed.  BD   

DENVER, CO – HealthGrades, a provider of consumer healthcare information, named America’s best 50 and 100 hospitals for 2012 in a report issued today.

These hospitals demonstrated superior and sustained clinical quality, ranking them in the top five percent of all hospitals in the nation, according to a press release issued by the company.

As our nation seeks to elevate the quality of care at all hospitals, these elite facilities provide a roadmap for success," said Arshad Rahim, MD, HealthGrades director of accelerated clinical excellence, in a written statement. "Consumers increasingly are demanding greater transparency and quality when selecting healthcare providers. These hospitals are delivering. We commend them for their dedication to excellence in patient care."



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