I went to the Smart Care Doc and so far it looks as though there is one in Pennsylvania that is on board so far.  A registered nurse greets the patient and guides them through the process.  The doctor comes on line via the screen and conducts a medical visit.  The site also has a listing of the conditions the clinic can treat.  The video below does a short walk through.  You can see the patient using the devices and a medical record is created and the patient has access and can get a copy on the way out.

WalMart Clinic

The charge for the visit is $59.00, and that is the cash price and the site states that actual charges submitted to insurance companies may vary.  BD

Dubbed Smart Care Doc, this technology, provided by BCS Global Networks Limited and Telemed Ventures, will enableimage remote video consultations between a patient and doctor through a virtual face-to-face video interface, over a secure video network. Users of the service have the ability to conduct telepresence-quality face-to-face interactions over the Internet using existing laptops, smartphones or tablets – making it a very affordable and accessibly solution for patients, doctors and healthcare providers.

Patients receive all the benefits of a traditional doctor’s visit that they've come to expect: the ability to seeimage a doctor instead of a less experienced practitioner, engaging the doctor in a face-to-face dialogue about medical issues, predictable/transparent pricing options, and the accurate acquisition of vitals and health information.



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