The chief Operating Officer from Cellular Dynamics  take a few minutes to describe the value of iPS cells and how they are created.  iPS imagecells have huge value as they are the ones that can be converted to other stem cell types, in other words you can take skin stem cells and turn them in heart cells for an example with reprogramming the production process.  iPS cells were probably one of the biggest advances we have had with stem cell creation and what it enables science to accomplish.  Disease treatments, growing human body parts for example are all wrapped into this area of R and D.

iPS gives you the opportunity to access every stem cell type in the human body. The whole mission here is provide cells for research and create biological models.  Cellular Dynamics makes thousands and thousands of stem cells day after day, and the video is worth listening to as the COO takes you through the processes and describes the many variations that they deal with.  BD 

iPS Cell Cultures–What’s this all about?

Emile Nuwaysir is Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Cellular Dynamics International, the world's largest producer of human cells derived from induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. He is responsible for research and development, manufacturing, and quality systems and leads a team of 80 people.
In this short video, Dr Nuwaysir discusses the current challenges in iPS cell research, why reproducibility is so critical when working with iPS cells and how variability in cell culture media is impacting iPS cell culture performance.


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