This is priceless and perhaps this was why the Constitution had to be read out loud not too long ago:)  Colbert nails it with the fact that this is where many of the lawmakers are. 

Congress Has a Panel on Women’s Health imageand No Women Were Invited At the House Hearing – ”Default Topics” of Abortions and Birth Control Returned to the Floor
Digital Illiteracy Still Plagues Law Makers–Severe Focus on Abortion Rights Proves It–Is This Where Our Lawmaking Knowledge Leaves Off or Even Begins? Scary…

No wonder they can’t see a technology tool when one was presented, but big business did and those “algorithms for profit are stronger than ever” as Congress, like a number of consumers, are naïve and doesn’t admit they exist, but they do in the form of “The Attack of the Killer Algorithms”…happening every day.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, big business is cracking the “algorithm whips” for profit and without something that can keep up with banks, companies, etc. well we are stuck with what we have, high school literacy and the middle class and poor continue to suffer.  Inside job, the movie does a real good job with talking about “those algos” too.  BD 

IBM Watson Capabilities Being Pitched to Financial Industry-Congress Must Not Have Felt They Needed This So Further Behind We Fall With Effective Intelligent Lawmaking
“Inside Job”–A Learning Experience and Documentary About Financial Algorithms-And Some of Same Exists in Healthcare

Colbert highlighted a study showing that, seven years ago, Congress spoke at the literacy level of a high school junior, and that had dropped to the sophomore level today. “It took them seven years just to be held back a grade,” he joked, and called the issue an outrage, or “Stephen surprisey-frown.” He noted that President “Sparkletalk” is not immune to this problem, as the last State of the Union address was at an 8th grade level, and implored government officials to do better.

“They should talk in a fancy way that shows more respect for the sacred institutions I have no respect for!” Colbert insisted, demanding his “money’s worth” out of elected officials.
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