In order to not have 70% of the available business in the fracture business, a sale of a subsidiary is required so Biomet will buy the DVR division.  When you look at the overall price they are paying for Synthes, this seems like a drop in the bucket.  BD
Johnson & Johnson Agrees to By Synthes $21.3 Billion

NEW YORK — Johnson & Johnson will have to sell its system for surgically treating serious wrist fractures to win federal clearance of its pending $21.3 billion acquisition of Synthes Inc.

The New Brunswick, N.J., health care giant agreed to buy the Swiss orthopedic device maker last year in its biggest deal ever.

The Federal Trade Commission is approving the transaction as long as Johnson & Johnson sells the wrist fracture system, called DVR, to Biomet Inc. of Warsaw, Ind. Otherwise, the FTC says, the two companies would control more than 70 percent of the market for such systems.


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