Actually the company made the announcement back in May of 2010 that they were going to hand out dividends on a more frequent basis, and as you can see from the headline, no caps on executive earnings.  So it appears the shareholder dividend is again about ready to grow.  With all the “owned” subsidiaries the company owns today, there’s almost not a portion of healthcare they don’t touch in some way to include owning physicians groups, owning a company in China to promote Chinese drugs and devices in the US and worldwide to recently setting up another subsidiary to distribute “cheap” hearing aids.  You can see some of that action with a no cost hearing aid for seniors in some areas who sign up for some of their Medicare Part D plans.  Last but not least we can’t forget their extensive analytics and code folks who have been at this for years with Optum, formerly known as Ingenix who make a lot of money with software and selling data.  BD 

UnitedHealth To Pay Out Higher and More Frequent Dividends to Share Holders, No Caps on Earnings for Executives or What Is Spent on Lobbying Says the Board

UnitedHealthCare Found a New Way to Market Health Insurance – “High Performance Networks”

Health insurer UnitedHealth Group will raise the quarterly dividend it pays shareholders by more than 30%, due in part to strong growth across its businesses. It also authorized a stock buyback.

Health insurance is the Minnetonka, Minn., company's main business, but its Optum segment also provides services, such as wellness programs, technology outsourcing and pharmacy benefits management.

UnitedHealth said Wednesday its board authorized the repurchase of 110 million shares. That replaces an authorization from last year to buy back 110 million shares. About 33 million shares remained under that authorization.
UnitedHealth reported net income of $1.39 billion, or $1.31 per share, on $27.28 billion in revenue in the first quarter. The performance trumped analyst expectations, something UnitedHealth routinely does.


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