The list is getting longer with patients coming forward speaking about the company’s collection efforts, one on a morphine drip was approached to pay and another was told to pay up $1500.00 or they would not get the surgery needed to remove a tumor on their lung.  In case you missed it the link below has more information about the lawsuit and again all this was uncovered due to a stolen lap top where confidential information about patients was being shared with companies on Wall Street looking to invest.  BD


Accretive Medical Collections and Analytics Cited by Minnesota by Attorney General For Collecting from Patients At Bedside and Worse–Employees on Pay for Performance Too? Killer Algorithms Chapter 28

The amended complaint includes more than two dozen additional patients who feared they would not get proper medical treatment if they did not pay their bill on the spot.

Terry Mackel, one of these patients, spoke about a $363 hospital bill he owed.

Mackel arrived at Fairview Hospital in Burnsville with a kidney stone and was put on a morphine drip when an Accretive Health Bill collector stepped into his room.

In a similar situation,

Amy Morris went to Southdale Hospital after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

Before surgery to try and remove the tumor, Morris was told she needed to pay the estimated $1,500 bill.

"They came out and said you have to pay this or you won't get the surgery," Morris said.

Both Mackel and Morris joined a lawsuit filed by the Attorney General's office six months ago, along with dozens of others.


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