Going back to 2008, Misys purchased Allscripts.  imageI remember the Misys MyWay  medical records system that grew by purchasing and integrating other software technologies, which kind of ended up being a problem down the road recently for Allscripts.

Misys seals deal on Allscripts purchase

Later on they sold Allscripts and it merged with Eclipsys systems again, more software technologies to come together and a lot of code. 

Misys Sells Allscripts Shares to Enable Eclipsys Merger – Medical Records

Lehman Bankruptcy Delays Misys-Allscripts Deal

Now they are pretty much out of the medical records software business and have been for a few years and now cater to banks with business intelligence types of software services.  If you read the news of late, then you know about the code/integration software issues facing Allscripts now with lawsuits and shareholders alike.  BD

Two market leaders combine to provide the largest and most comprehensive suite of capital markets and banking solutions in the industry. 

Today Vista Equity Partners announced it has completed its acquisition of Misys. As part of this acquisition, Misys and Turaz, the business that includes the Kondor+ product line, are now one company officially operating as one under the name "Misys".

By combining these two award-winning enterprise software companies, the new Misys will offer its customers access to an unrivalled pool of expertise and domain knowledge, in combination with the most comprehensive portfolio of software solutions available on the market today.  As the trusted provider to 1,800 customers in 120 countries and with the broadest solution suite available, Misys has the scale and ability to serve customer's capital markets and banking needs across all geographies and market segments.

Misys was formed by the merger of Misys with Turaz, which includes the award-winning Kondor+ product line.  Combined they are able to address all customer requirements across both the banking and trading book businesses. Misys is the trusted partner that financial services organisations turn to for help solving their most complex problems.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2012/06/01/4530628/misys-merges-with-turaz-to-create.html#storylink=cpy



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