We can certainly say that we have had a lot “tech” going on in healthcare for sure and a lot of stimulus money has been given to imagedoctors and hospitals who have invested in electronic medical records, which is a very good thing; however when I see articles as such that tend to “hang” on technology for more immediate gratification than they can give at one time, I still question the mind set of some of our leaders and what their expectations are and if they are all attainable.  I still keep looking around the web and can’t find a picture with a search that so much shows the secretary with so much as a cell phone in hand or her using some form of technology, why is this I ask? 

Role models are important and we should have them from the top all the way down and we have plenty with the President, that’s for sure and why don’t other executives do the same?  It makes me wonder what levels of IT education some leaders have.  Granted we have our new CTO Todd Parks who has a lot of that and a record to prove it and that are has done some wonderful things from making public information available to keeping the band playing for medical record adaptation. Last year I wrote about this same topic and now there’s a huge interest with drawing patients into the scenario and we still “got no role models” at the top and it’s still kind of carrying the tone of “its for those guys over there”. 

ONC Working On Another Consumer Health IT Awareness Program–Magpie Healthcare Again With No Role Models in Sight?

Is it really that hard to be a role model in government?  We could sure use some instead of the “expert paradigm” that still gets used but rarely exists anymore due to the changing nature of the world we live in.  You can talk about break throughs all the time, but getting them used is the real trick.   Technology does save money but I just get this feeling that some folks think with some of the reports and news items we see today that it’s more instant that it really is.  We are doing good with medical records but that took a few years to develop and granted things are moving faster today by comparison, but please let’s have some role models out there.  The Surgeon General could kick in here too from time to time.  If you want to promote technology and it’s use, there’s nothing that does the job better than some visuals.  BD

Relying on Experts When They May Not Exist–Many Intelligent and Smart People But Do We Have Misconceived Paradigms-TED

Let’s see some visuals with our leaders using technology, you think?  After all this is for everyone.  The developer forums and contests are great, but let’s see one of our leaders use one of them:)  BD   

The federal government's healthcare leader touted the Obama administration's initiatives to help spur health IT innovation and urged more technological breakthroughs at a gathering of technology professionals in Washington.

Among the signs of progress toward widespread use of electronic health data that Sebelius cited was an increase from 25 applications submitted at the first federal health data initiative to nearly 250 applications submitted in the latest one. “Most importantly, we have begun to see some of those innovations make a real difference in the lives of millions of Americans across the country,” Sebelius said. Her department has been touting such developments in recent weeks.
Sebelius expects further rapid expansion in EHR use by providers, as well as more health applications tailored for use on smartphones and other emerging platforms. “We're committed to giving entrepreneurs even more fuel by making more data available, while maintaining absolute protections on patient privacy,” Sebelius said.



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