This is a very good talk about subclinical illnessesimage from the TEDMED conference and how it works and does not work.  You may not have given this a lot of thought but once you take a listen some things in healthcare may make more sense, you may not like it but there’s some real words of wisdom.  Ivan is both an MD and a Journalist (the valuable hybrids in today’s world according to Bill Gates as he told the graduating class at Berkeley a couple years ago) and thus so you really get more than one focus. 

He makes a comparison to sports in the fact that you don’t swing at every ball, think about that.  Do we tend to swing at everything in healthcare?  He talks about his own experience and how he has grown with his own coverage as a journalist.  We are all at risk of dying…is this a preclinical condition?

Ivan Oransky–Risk Factors, Healthcare and “Medicalization”

In addition he mentions how ending up in management is seen as a success when in reality it’s a failure.  Our medical system is not real good a predicting what’s going to happen, even though we are getting better there’s no crystal ball and humans still make the calls.  Sub clinical acne, great topic here and he uses the word “preposterous” as the description for a lot of what ends up out there.  The treatments can be deadly and I agree with him 100% as I went through that with my own mother and if she would take taken the treatment, she probably would not be here today.  He also touches on hormone replacement for women.  I have some back posts on “that” topic and you can find the links below.  Hot Flash Havoc, a great education video and my extensive talk with Dr. Erika Schwartz a hormone expert who also talks with sanity and gives some real facts and a realistic look at wanting more accountability on the WHI from the NIH. 

Hot Flash Havoc–Menopause Exposed and Explained Documentary For Anyone Who Is A Woman or Knows a Woman–Interview With Heidi Houston, Executive Producer

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy– Interview with Dr. Erika Schwartz

“Go out and lose some weight his doctor told him” (yes he’ right in there with the rest of us in that area) and he didn’t get a pre-clinical diagnosis and this brings the focus right into place as far as how diagnosis processes go. 

One item to also think about here is that with all the diagnosis and pre-conditions, how does this appear when you are looking to purchase health insurance?  We know the insurers do risk assessments and use all the data they can get their hands on, so think about that one too, how much of this do you want on your records if it is really in fact not there to require specific medical attention.  BD

The scourge of preposterous "pre-conditions:" Ivan Oransky, Executive Editor of Reuters Health, says labeling too many patients with subclinical illnesses leads to overtreatment, with potentially fatal results.!


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