You know all start ups don’t make it and I’m not sure on this one, imagewhat’s next a spoon, chopsticks that track food?  If you are eating too fast the fork vibrates and you know a fork is not the first thing I think of when I hear the word vibrate:)  It’s coming out in February and will set you back about $100 dollars.  You know I have a toothbrush that I love that vibrates and it serves a purpose and gets my teeth clean by I certainly don’t think I am that much of a moron that needs a device to tell me how eat as if I blow it, my own body will tell me in more ways than one.

On top of that it needs an app!  I swear it’s like invent it and see if it sticks to the wall.  It’s from a Chinese company and maybe they already have smart chopsticks over there with a two for one that vibrate:)  The video is priceless and she only gives him 60 seconds and she says “not good for me”.  You can take pictures of what you are eating too…this is just silly and I made light of a blue tooth toothbrush not too long ago but this is worse than that and oh yes, how much data does is collect to send to some insane wellness coach:)  

Bluetooth Tooth Brush–Send Your Brushing Habits to Your Dentist, Please Not This.….

One of my Medical Quack Sponsors, MMRGlobal who attended the CES show even stopped by and talked to these “fork folks”.   I’m thinking, are you crazy?  Actually Bob Lorsch was also doing a post reflecting on the history of Comdex and CES shows and how they have evolved to imagewhere we are today.  Well it turns out he met with this company (which he mentions in his blog) and talked a little about how their PHR, could potentially integrate and store this “Fork to Face” information. Shoot if you really want to have all you data, hook up that Bluetooth toothbrush when you finish with the fork.   This just goes to show that you can store just about anything in a PHR today and it’s your choice for what you consider important and obviously medications and allergies are primary along with any other medical information, and from there it’s up to you, so you can start stuffing it full of fork and toothbrush data:)

People are measuring everything today and so for those who feel this vibrating fork can be of help to them, I guess go for it, but not my first choice:)  I  always like to project a big picture in my mind on how it could enter the mainstream, and today you never know what will stick, but I certainly don’t want some insane “wellness coach” in on this routine looking at these types of stats <grin> as I still can think for myself in this area.   So far in life I have had no problem figuring out how to eat and I’m a slow eater anyway as everyone finishes before me so not something I would choose and I’ll stay with the one the restaurant gives me.  BD


  1. I now have a vision of a bobble-head person trying to catch the food on the vibrating fork! Thanks for the imagery. At least this latest excuse to not own bad habits won't require wearing dark trousers, slacks and never leaving home without the adult equivalent of a diaper bag as one FDA approved OTC "miracle pill" did back five or so years ago. Fortunately I was able to talk one of the Pharmacy Tech's at my local pharmacy to spend her money down at the local CooP on some fresh fruits and veggies instead of the pills and stop eating fast food every day for lunch. I also don't find it near as frightening as the one that disappeared before approval (prayers can work) that worked by expanding in the stomach compliments of a glass of water. Reminded me of a grow a sponge. I wondered how many ER trips or worse would have occurred if that had been approved. If 1 pill is good, 3 must be better; you know people would go there regardless of the label saying not to.

    This one, honestly, it's going to be fun to watch, of course, until someone pokes an eye out.


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