This is really a sad and creepy story as she was well liked by allimage, lived in a good neighborhood.  The crime was committed during broad daylight.  Her hands and ankles were also bound.  Her “dogwalker” found her and called the police.  She worked at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia and had completed her internships at Johns Hopkins and New York University.  Her boyfriend is also a doctor from New York.  Her body was still smoldering when police found her. 

They are saying it’s probably someone she knew as there was no sign of any forced entry.  Nothing was stolen or disrupted and her dog will have to find a new home.  The time frame of the murder was between 11 am and noon.  Why would anyone create such a horrible crime?  She was only 35 years old.  BD 

Investigators in Philadelphia are trying to unravel a baffling mystery after a hogtied pediatrician was found dead and on fire in the basement of her home.

Police found Melissa Ketunuti, 35, a beloved doctor at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Monday in her Center City basement after her dog walker called 911. Her wrists and ankles were bound behind her back, and she was on fire, police said.


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