We have seen these for a while being used in hospitals but this is the first to get FDA approval and has a few more features I believe.image  It is interesting that trials were done here in southern California.  It has voice recognition for one and has facial recognition.  It has touch screen capabilities.  Care givers can use their smart phones.  Here’s a video that shows the RP-VITA in use.  When it is done, the unit parks itself.  The doctor is remoting in and interacts with the nurse and patient. 

In addition the company has other models but this is the top of the line.

During Hurricane Sandy a doctor saved a stroke victim in New Jersey.  Here’s another video that explains how the unit works and how all collaborate via the unit for patient care.  BD

LAS VEGAS--How would you feel if you were hospitalized and your doctor were talking to you through a 5-foot robot?

RP-VITA (Remote Presence Virtual + Independent Telemedicine Assistant) is a remote-, iPad-operated telepresence bot. It's become the first self-navigating communications robot to receive FDA certification, developers InTouch and iRobot said at CES 2013.

The machine is approved "for telemedicine consults inclusive of active patient monitoring in high-acuity environments where immediate clinical action may be required," InTouch said in a release. Specifically, it's cleared for "active patient monitoring in pre-operative, peri-operative and post-surgical settings, including cardiovascular, neurological, prenatal, psychological, and critical care assessments and examinations."

Based on iRobot's AVA telepresence platform, RP-VITA was unveiled last year. It's been put through trials at Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, and Children's Hospital of Orange County, and leasing will begin this year at about $6,000 a month.

"This is the first FDA clearance for a navigating robot," Wang says. "It's approved for emergency use, and will be used in life and death situations before other uses. Just as early cell phones were used in emergencies before becoming ubiquitous."



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