This is an odd story but there are about 35 men who have grown one boob and it’s on the side where the rifle slaps down.  I guess if one wanted an equal set you have to start slapping the rifle on the other side right?  I guess this would be odd to just have a boob of size on one side. 

The other alternative as the article suggests is to change the way they perform their rifle drills, which that could work too.  BD

A new military report published in the German Medical imageScience journal and obtained by the German Herald finds that dozens of soldiers in the Wachbataillon unit have developed the condition because the drills they perform stimulate male mammary glands.
The director of plastic surgery at the military hospital in Berlin, Professor Bjorn Krapohl, said it's likely the repeated slapping of the soldiers' rifles on the left side of their chests during drills stimulates the glands to produce hormones, which creates the one-sided-boob effect.


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