It was just a couple weeks ago I posted about Cureus which as more related to doctors and patients and now we have a new program that is for Life Sciences publications

Curēus, New Open-Source Medical Journal Created by Stanford Neurosurgeon John Adler,Scientific Research More Readily Available, Peer To Peer Reviews

Author guidelines for publishing are located here imagewhereby you ask to identify 5 potential referees and they want the “raw” data (a good thing) along with the software details used to process and if this is not possible due to locations of data and ownership, etc. then a link to the respective area must be provided.  Of course anything containing “patient” information must also be stated as a reason for non-submittal.  BD


Press Release:

F1000Research is F1000's new Open Science publishing program for life scientists, offering researchers for the first time: immediate publication; transparent and fast peer review post-publication; and full data deposition and sharing.
After receiving extensive support from the scientific community during its six-month beta testing phase, F1000Research now marks its official launch with a new custom-built site, and takes on a stronger identity with its burnt orange branding. "We have been delighted by the response we have received since our beta launch last July, especially from authors and referees", said Dr Rebecca Lawrence, Publisher of F1000Research. "Many of those who have already published with us are now submitting further papers", she added.
F1000Research's unique combination of immediate publication followed by very fast and transparent full peer review makes it extremely attractive, especially for authors who need to publish quickly to support grant applications or who want to prevent having their work being scooped by others.
Submissions have come from around the globe and report on research supported by some of the world's largest and most respected funding bodies, including the NIH, Wellcome Trust, WHO, NIHR, CORDIS, CNRS, NERC, and the Canadian Institutes for Health.
Some 200 of the most eminent names in biology and medicine have joined F1000Research's international Advisory Panel (see the full listing at and more than 1000 global experts sit on the Editorial Board (see
To find out more about F1000Research, please contact Eleanor Howell on +44 (0)20 7631 9129 or email

For more information, visit

About F1000Research
F1000Research is a new Open Science publishing program for life scientists. Open Science publishing in F1000Research guarantees:
1. No delay: Research findings, analyses of scientific developments, opinions, comments and all other article types are published without delay.
2. Inclusion of all data: Reports of findings of new research are always accompanied by the complete datasets on which they are based, provided in a form permitting both confirmation and reuse of the data by other researchers.
3. No restriction of access: All research findings are published without any restriction of access - full Open Access.
4. Post-publication peer review: Thorough and innovative refereeing of all research articles is carried out rapidly and efficiently following immediate publication.
5. Open refereeing: All refereeing and commentary is open and transparent, published with the names and affiliations of the referees.
F1000Research accepts all scientifically sound articles. In addition to traditional articles, F1000Research accepts articles ranging from single findings, datasets, short articles, case reports, protocols, replications, and null or negative results to opinion pieces and reviews.
More information can be found in our online information pack:


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