A little over a year ago the company was looking to sell their mobile medical records business as they were compared to other electronic medical record companies, a little late to the game.  I like imageEpocrates and have used their free reference product for years just as consumer for looking up drugs and their formulary tiers as well as basic drug information.  I go back to the “Palm” and “Windows Pocket PC” days for that, so guess I was ahead of my time.  It makes it simple to find information on drugs and to also located alternatives with generic brands too.  I would say AhtenaHealth has a winner here with the Epocrates brand recognition as it was one of the very first mobile apps used by doctors.  Here’s a few back history links.  They did not enter the medical records business until 2010.  I go way back with using ePocrates to even before I started this blog:)

Epocrates EHR Too Late For the Show and Looking to Sell Their Mobile Medical Records System

Tri-Care Formularies To Be Listed on Epocrates

Back in 2009 Athenahealth bought Anodyne Health for additional business intelligence in their systems to be integrated with the Athena Collector product.  Also that same year Athena worked with Microsoft HealthVault and Amalga (which is now sold via Caradigm) for pediatric record access at Cook’s Children’s hospital with personal health records and supporting doctors with the AthenaHealth ambulatory medical records program. 

AthenaHealth is located right in the heart of Harvard in Boston and works with them as partner with publishing related healthcare information.  imageAthenahealth was one of the first medical record companies to “brand” themselves as using the cloud.  Epocrates online help can be accessed here to look up any drug as well as their mobile product which will be incorporated into the Athena mobile app in time.  BD 



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