imageYou probably may remember the queen of mean, Leona Hemsley who died several years ago, but the trust lives on and this gift will allow the Salk Institute to invest in new genomic machines and other equipment needed to continue cancer research.  The Trust reached out to La Jolla for the gift due to the number of ground breaking discoveries that have been made here.

Cancer is not the only research done here at the institute as Parkinson's and spinal cord  regeneration are just a couple of other items of research and study.  Two of the researchers are considered candidates for the Nobel prize. 
This is the largest single donation the Salk Institute has received.  With NIH grants slowing down and going away the institute depends more than ever on donations and philanthropy.  BD

The Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla has received one of the largest single research donations in county history, a $42 million gift that will be used to explore common links between some of mankind’s most insidious afflictions, including cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

The gift was made by the New York-based Helmsley Charitable Trust, which says it reached beyond its base in the Northeast to help Salk because of the institute’s record for groundbreaking discoveries.

The institute has been operating in the black. But there’s been concern about its financial health because it has become increasingly difficult to obtain National Institutes of Health funding, as budgets have remained flat.


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