This is kind of interesting and more to confuse the consumer although I understand what is trying to be accomplished here to separate government programs and the steroid marketing of “we have an exchange” going on out there.  Insurers have their own private exchanges…so what in the heck is an exchange:)   You know the average consumer could careimage less and just wants to buy a policy and the rhetoric created here is beyond comprehension at times.  It caused by making a buck and luring consumers to buy, plain and simple.  Wal-Mart just said the other day they want to be an exchange and are thinking about it.   Big companies model this stuff and come up with the marketing and models to figure out how to make more money, been that way for years but now with technology they also cloud the waters and keep folks in a vast ocean of the unknown. 

Everybody Wants to be Health Insurance Exchange, Wal-Mart Considering the Idea for Small Companies And Oracle Can Sell You a Software Exchange Platform

Wellpoint bough a company so they could be a private exchange in addition to participating in the government exchanges, so I guess now according to this article we have “Marketplaces” coming up on the agenda.  Who cares, just sell the darn policies and cut the lingoes.  Is there any way possible we can make this more difficult, someone will find a way…no wonder consumers doubt so much of what it out there today.  We need more computer scientists in government instead of attorneys running things as they are under rock as well with not being up to date with current technologies used by business.  The executive staff at the White House is beginning to show a lack of knowledge here and you needs some real hands on folks and not just figure heads as that went away a few years go.  So here you go, new terminology and I hope it’s not too confusing when you begin to hear both terms until the marketing of a new brand is complete (grin).  Hey branding is not all that is has cracked up to be when it is done in groves like we have today, so you folks selling “branding” as a huge solution, go back and put your thinking caps on as too much of a good thing with branding just muddies the waters today.  BD

In the language of American health reform, “exchange” and “marketplace” have been pretty much interchangeable. Now, though, the Department of Health and Human Services is embracing the word marketplace in official communications, as part of a revamped public outreach effort.

Eagle-eyed Beltway media outlets like The Hill spotted the PR switch, coming amid lingering political opposition to the Affordable Care Act and as HHS prepares to operate federally-facilitated health insurance exchanges in 31 states.


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