Fitbit and a few others have a little competition in this business imageand with support for Android it might be pretty popular.  So far today you can still only download the IPhone version but states Android coming soon and you can enter your email address to be alerted.  A couple years ago at CES they were demonstrating their blood pressure monitor.  Most of Withings products also connect to HealthVault, a PHR.

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor Sends Your Information to an iPhone And to HealthVault PHR (Video)

Withings iPhone Blood Pressure Consumer Device Gets Clearance From FDA

The company also makes a wi-fi scale which if I remember correctly this was their first product.  What is kind of funny is that one their website they list fitbit as a partner…so…for how long:)  Their scale even does indoor air monitoring…what next?  BD

Withings' Smart Activity Tracker does just about everything the Fitbitimage, FuelBand and UP can do, like track the number of steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled and "quality" of sleep, but it also measures your heart rate and the number of strides run. All in a tiny little package (43.3 x 22.1 x 8.3mm) about the size of the Fitbit One or a generic flash drive. Oh, and it (supposedly) supports Android right out of the gate along with the last two to three generations of every iOS device.

So this new Smart Activity Tracker claims to have a two week battery life thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 aka Bluetooth SMART and will sync your data to the Withings Health Mate App. It can be worn on your upper arm (bicep) for working out and tracking sleep and can also be thrown in your pocket as is or on your belt via the clip.


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