imageThis is funny and you have ultrasound right up there on the big screen and Jimmy is healthy.  “Don’t talk about our tweets” he says to Dr. Oz ad Jimmy Kimmel has added a treadmill in his office, his private moments.  This is funny when he turns on the sounds, sounds like a washing machine Jimmy states.  The gal from UCLA was great.  This video is so funny all the way through and they save the colon for last and Jimmy gets a little uneasy and says “don’t go in the regular way”.  They go next into talking about fecal material in the colon.  A couple years ago we had Dr. Oz and the purple glove routine which is also so funny! 

Dr. Oz Visits Jimmy Kimmel and Discusses Nutrition, Obesity, Size
and Gives a Few Impromptu Exams (Videos)

Then it gets better with getting Guillermo up there forimage his sonogram.  He actually gained 4 pounds since Dr. Oz’s last visit, and his waist size is 43.  He tells Guillermo to stop drinking.  Then the purple gloves come out again for a prostate exam and out comes the KY jelly, ends up in his hair, and they go into a conversation about prostate cancer.  If you watched the show the next 2 guests, players from the Clippers came right out and said I don’t want any part of those purple gloves:)  BD


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