There’s more drugs moving towards being inhaled today from treating depression and bi-polar to growth hormones and if it is not inhaling it is spraying  in your nose.  There’s even one for hypertension that is inhaled.

Levadex, the inhaled drug from Map in the pipeline would work in coordinating treatments for migraines with Botox, which is one of Allergan's best selling drugs.  The drug has been through several clinical trials and has been submitted to the FDA for review.  Levadex also provides relief late in the headache stage and for “cluster” attacks.  The two companies have already been working together as partners on the development of the drug.  BD 

FDA Approves Hypertension Drug (with Conditions) that You Inhale - Tyvaso


From the website:

The TEMPO inhaler is designed to offer the following attributes:

  • Automatic release of therapy: Our triggering technology is tuned for each particular drug so that drug release is synchronized to a specified point in the breathing cycle to allow the released drug to reach the targeted area of the respiratory tract.
  • Plume speed control: Our TEMPO inhaler controls and slows down the drug plume to match the speed of the patient’s inhaled breath, so that more of the drug is entrained in the inhaled air and carried into the lungs.
  • Reliable dosing: The TEMPO inhaler also includes a dose counter to display how many doses remain available for use, so that patients can track their medication use and remaining supply. The dose counter can prevent dispensing of additional doses after a maximum number of doses have been delivered.
  • Convenient, multiple-dose use: The TEMPO inhaler does not use electronics or batteries and can conveniently contain multiple doses. It can include up to a month’s supply depending on the drug, in a small, handheld inhaler approximately the same size as a conventional MDI and it may be used with small molecule drugs and biologics.

Allergan Inc., the Irvine maker of the wrinkle filler Botox, agreed to buy a Silicon Valley pharmaceutical company in a deal valued at $958 million to gain an experimental inhalable migraine treatment.

Allergan imagewill pay Map Pharmaceuticals Inc. investors $25 a share, a 60% premium over Tuesday's closing price of $15.58 in New York, the companies said in a statement. The deal was unanimously approved by the boards of both companies and is expected to close late in the first quarter or in the second quarter, the companies said.

Map, based in Mountain View, is seeking U.S. regulatory approval for Levadex, an inhaled form of a 60-year-old migraine drug, to treat those who have acute attacks.,0,3203012.story?track=rss&


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