Dr. Oz is making the rounds to make sure out late night show hosts are in good shape.  The conversation about the belt isimage funny and so true.  After hearing his numbers Piers has invited Dr. Oz to come back in 6 weeks after asking Dr. Oz how long it would take to make some progress, so looks like we will get a revisit…perhaps it’s all the stress from the recent talk on his stand on guns that’s running up his blood pressure and they mention that too.  Well at least the late night shows are in two cities so not too far for Dr. Oz to make TV “host” calls.  Just a couple days ago we had Jimmy Kimmel with Dr. Oz and you can read and view that post here. 

Actually this is great way to bring about awareness and in humorous way and does so much more than those bogus reports about how fat people are wrecking the economy.  This makes sense to educate this way as all those folks doings reports are about half off their rockers anyway with their “risk and cost” numbers.  If it wasn’t this battle with healthcare it would be others.  Good show and realistic too, again by comparison to those horrible reports where nobody can really predict as what you save today gets zapped by something else tomorrow be it a drug, a procedure, an insurance parameter change, and more, and that too has been in the news of late too.  BD 



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