Walgreen has also been on a pretty expansive acquisition route with their European investment/purchase of Boots Drugs Stores in the UK so I am not sure if they fall into this filing or not butimage domestically they have made some large drug store purchases in the last few years such as Longs, Duane Reade and more.  Walgreen also operates their own branded retail clinics and recently satisfied their differences with Express Scripts in addition to doing a business swap with Omnicare a couple years ago to acquire Apothercary RX pharmacies. 

Walgreens is Making Another Purchase From LaFrance Holdings To Include USA Drug, Super D Drug and May’s Drug Stores Located in the US Southeast

Being the patent violations involve medical records, Walgreens does have their chain of Take Care Retail Clinics which I guess could be involved somewhere along the line as they use a medical records system from Greenway to enter patient information and connect to a PHR.  I wrote about this a short while back as anyone in the store pharmacies would have access as well as in the actual clinics to medical records, so there could be a lot of activity with sending/receiving information that violates current filings without licenses. 

Walgreens Expands Take Care EHR Medical Records to be Available at All Drug Store Locations for Reference–Not For Me I’d Rather Use My PHR And Choose What I Want To Share…

I had included a document on another post that lists all the patents so I’m sure this one is on the list to reference for additional IP information on the filing and you can use the link below to find it.  BD


MMRGlobal Provides Listing of Health IT Patents As They Pertain to Personal Health Record Technologies

Sources now tell us that, MyMedicalRecords, Inc. has just filed a complaint for patent infringement against Walgreen Company (NYSE:WAG),  in the United States District Court for the Central District of California. 

The complaint, case number CV 13-00631, should be available on the court’s website http://www.pacer.gov/ starting Wednesday. 

As detailed in the complaint, MMR alleges that Walgreens infringes on MMR’s personal health records patent, specifically its US Patent No. 8,301,466.  The complaint seeks damages as well as a permanent injunction.

In an earlier press release, MMR announced that it has been investigating potential infringements by various groups including, but not limited to, retail pharmacies and laboratory systems as well as hospitals, physicians and other healthcare professionals, using email, facsimile, file upload and voice. It appears that MMR is making good on its statements that it will protect its patent portfolio and any other IP it holds.



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