This is a video to watch as he’s a “serial imposter” and does a fewimage other little jobs as well. He has no education other than an online high school diploma and being he is under 18 does not help him as he gets convicted of 4 felony charges. He was actually a physician's assistant in his role and he worked in the ER for 9 days.  He performed procedures on patients and administered CPR on one patient.  HR finally caught up with him when he wanted more access.  When you watch the video, he’s very confident.  He has no problem talking and goes on and on and shows how he used his cell phone apps to look up anything he needed. 

He had a summer job at a doctor’s office and this is how it started with running errands to the hospital and used an ID tag to get in to all the places in the hospital.  When he was 13 he posed as a nurse at another hospital in Florida.  After he gets charged they arrest him later for impersonating a police officer next.  He will serve a year in jail.  Everyone is wondering if his career as an imposter is over? 

Anyone still think doctors are on their way out and technology will replace them?  The one woman where he provided CPR died.  Food for thought..BD


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