This not the first time we have seen something like this but it is the first product I have seen “in a box” and not in trailer, etc.  The company is selling and marketing the products and they could be anywhere and of course right outside the pharmacy door would be one place as how convenient could it be to see the doctor and get your prescription.  This like the concept United was promoting with their trailers with a personal attendant on premise. 


Here’s a video done at CES that shows “the box”.  The doctor opens up boxes with instruments for you to use.  Nice is the one for skin imaging and you get to see what the doctor sees on the screen too.  BD 

The Affordable Care Act will flood the resource-strapped national emergency room system with 30 million more insured citizens, increasing already-long wait times to see a doctor. A new hospital-in-a-box, HealthSpot, aims to alleviate congestion with medical stations capable of treating emergency room visits for minor inflictions by beaming in idol doctors via video conference. “Emergency rooms and the urgent cares are being crushed because they’re being used for convenience,” says CIO Dave Sebenoler, who helped launch the product at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

HealthSpot plans on selling stations to hospitals and retail outlets for around $10K to $15K, with a $950-a-month prescription. Properties get a cut of every visit. On the patient side, HealthSpot boasts cheaper rates of around $60-$80 a visit (urgent care visits can be a few hundred dollars). The company is currently navigating the state-by-state insurance system to see how providers can cover telemedicine and e-prescriptions.


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