I said this a while back with Accelerators that are sponsored by insurers and it is true and you have to remember that most start ups fail.  That’s what this is all about to see what sticks to the wall.  imageIn this instance GE “wants” developers to work with their technologies and code, so again cheaper than hiring employees.  If a start up doesn’t make it to stand on their own, but did create some code that has potential use in their own software, bingo, thank you very much and here’s a few dollars and then it may be used now, stored or evaluated by in house programmers so they can figure out to do with this section if they were to incorporate.  It’s already written in GE format. 

I’m just a straight bottom liner here after many years working in sales for fortune 500 companies and then able to put a coding twist on this stuff with that experience too with writing an EMR years ago, so I see things differently for the most part:)  Here’s what I wrote on the New York Accelerator program regarding insurers having access to cheap code or maybe I should be a little more politically correct, inexpensive code.  I had a couple doctors email me and asked my for advice on what to focus on to sell cheap code to insurance companies. 

New York Digital Health Accelerator–Health IT Hub For Emerging Technologies–Remember All Start Ups Don’t Make It And It’s A Potentially Good Place for Health Insurers to Shop for Inexpensive Application Code

There may be others but the only Start Up that doesn’t want any of your stock if it is successful is BizSpark from Microsoft, and that’s nice as they really don’t need it so the support is not there for the pocketbook and hard to find these days as there’s always some catch somewhere along the line with today’s complexities in data and in contracts.  So don’t be too harsh when thinking of Microsoft as they have a bigger R and D department than Google and Apple put together.  BizSpark gives you Microsoft technologies to work with to develop software of course, just like GE is here and they want it for their benefit.  Speaking of developers with carrots, it makes sense again for me to reference this crazy Heritage project where they think algorithms are the one stop shop for re-admissions. 

If you read the news Twitter couldn’t find an algorithm for their search either so “cheap humans” are being used from Amazon’s Mechanical Turk program where folks can earn chump change.  Heritage is pretty Algo Duped with what they expect from some algorithms.  I said that from day one when they started and I keep an eye out here to help consumers see the fantasy stuff as I find it, like that Blue Cross X-Prize that was out there a couple years ago.  It was only a publicity stunt and quietly went away as nobody could solve “healthcare” even with that $10 million dollar carrot so see how some of the duping goes on. 

So What’s Going on Over at the Heritage Health Prize Competition to Predict Who Ends Up Being Re-Admitted to the Hospital–A Lot of Mathematical Algorithms For One…

Sure I’m all about innovation that makes my life easier and is not fantasized with some Quant values that are there to make money only and benefit corporations more than consumers.  So again my opinions from being able to clearly a marketing and sales angle and a programming and coding focus allows my to write from both sides of the duck brain and I don’t know if that is healthy or not but before all the stuff on Wall Street and in other areas, I was already having nightmares about failing code because I could see way back then when the Madoff case broke, nobody was watching the show and they still don’t do a very good job.  Anyway, if you want to write some code for GE and either get your company (maybe) funded or have them buy your code, use go here  for more information and to apply to be one of the 10 chosen.  BD




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