The MyWay system has been around for a long time and it was technology Misys bought, which is now Allscripts.  I used to go up against this early EMR with my little system and shortly after I sold a few licenses everything went to the web and I realized that support and training were going to compound as simple complexities were already on the way and there was no way a single developer could survive and I would die at the keyboard from exhaustion. 

Now we have a clinic in Florida who has filed a class action suit on the behalf of their clinic and any other users who faced similar problems.  Yes it was buggy and that’s part of what occurred and still does at times when you acquire software from other developers and don’t have the programming expertise in house.  That’s what makes Epic so hard to beat too as they have everything in house.  The statements in the lawsuit said over 5000 MDs bought the system over 4 years so that’s a good sized number.  In the early days certification did not exist either.  The lawsuit basically states Allscripts breached it’s warranty to the Clinic with selling a defective product.  The MyWay system was never able to be certified.  The suit also claims the upgrade that was “free” in cost also caused financial lost with the upgrade and having to learn an entirely new system.  The suit also says Allscripts is a foreign corporation.  Just a few weeks ago we had this happen. 

Allscripts Ousts CEO Glen Tullman and Lee Shapiro, President, Appoints Board Member To Take Over

In addition Allscripts is suing NYC Health over the fact that they chose another EHR system, which does not look cool for one.

Allscripts Sues NYC Health and Hospital System Over Contract Award to Epic - EHR Vendor Playing the Same Game as Health Insurance Companies With Lawsuits

Like I have said before it takes time to develop software and EMRs are at the top of the list as new technologies come in to play as well as adding more operability features and that part is always in progress.  As I keep saying “the short order code kitchen burned down a few years ago and there was no fire sale”.  Glad I quit when I did and moved clients to other systems a nominal cost instead of trying to sell mine when all went to the web.  BD


"2. Allscripts misled the Clinic, its owner Dr. Robert Joseph, and other physician customers about the quality and functionality of MyWay. The product never worked well and, after four years, in the face of mounting complaints and market pressures to resolve the issues and provide refunds, rather than confess the software's shortcomings and inherent defects and without causing the software to comply with the new federal regulations, Allscripts concocted a story that it had decided to discontinue MyWay and "upgrade" its customers to another - and more expensive - software that it sells named Professional Suite Electronic Health Record System ("EHR Pro"). The "free upgrade" was anything but free. Unlike MyWay, EHR Pro was not developed for small physician groups, is more complicated and more expensive to maintain, and requires more complex integration and staff training. Simply put, it is not the product that the end user bargained for. The Clinic and thousands of other Allscripts physician-purchasers do not want EHR Pro for their electronic health record ("EHR") technology.

3. By selling the defective MyWay product and refusing to fix its defects or refund the purchase price after it decided to discontinue the product, Allscripts has breached its warranty to its physician-customers to provide a product suited for its intended purpose. In addition, Allscripts has been unjustly enriched by retaining the money paid by MyWay purchasers and users without delivering an EHR software product that performs as it was intended to work."


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