Nuance certainly has been busy as at CES they announced yet another technology that works on several platforms and doctors can benefit using a Personal Assistant in combination with Dragon Medical.  More information on that technology at the link below. 

Combining Nuance Dragon Personal Assistant Services With Dragon Medical–A Winning Combination

It will be interesting to see what Nuance does imagewith the VirtuOz technology as they normal go right straight to integrating without delay.  Intelligent Virtual Agents in the cloud learn company information  They already have an account base and a box opens up for communication on websites.  The software includes mobile apps as well and uses speech technologies.  The video below shows how it works from a smartphone.

Basically the virtual assistant can answer some questions and for those more complicated the series of questions is sent to a human if needs are greater than what the virtual agent can accomplish.  Can you see this being used for a doctor’s office some day?  Obviously there are privacy issues to clarify on how far and how much information could be accessed and the agent would need to be HIPAA compliant:)  CRM seems to be a hot ticket here with listed as a client.  BD

TechCrunch has received a copy of a memo indicating that Nuance, the speech and natural language technology giant that also powers Apple’s Siri voice assistant, has made another acquisition: VirtuOz, a developer of intelligent virtual assistant services for online sales, marketing and support — dubbed “Siri for the enterprise” — that was founded in France and is now co-headquartered in the Bay Area’s Emeryville.

Today, VirtuOz counts PayPal, AT&T and Symantec among its list of top-shelf customers using its online virtual assistant services.

According to what we’ve seen, Nuance is making VirtuOz part of its Enterprise division, which focuses on customer self-service solutions that currently brings in revenues of $330 million annually from some 3,000 enterprise customers, covering some 12 billion customer interactions per year.

In addition to bringing some key customers to Nuance, VirtuOz will imagealso bring is a way to extend the Nina experience to the web, and equally to give VirtuOz a route to developing more mobile services for its web clients. The addition will mean that Nuance can offer services across phone-based voice recognition, web, mobile, social and chat channels, covering speech recognition, text-to-speech, voice biometrics and natural language solutions.


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