The good news is that it works on frequency, bad news is that intensity doesn’timage change but if you experience fewer then that seems like a win.  Watch the vide below to see how it works.

It will be available by prescription and yes there’s  USB cable that comes with it if the doctor wants to take the data from the device and import it into the software to analyze.  The software will keep an entire data base of patients. 

The kit sells for $349.00 and when I look at the website, it appears that anyone in Canada can order one without a prescription.  The sites does say “don’t use while driving”…it is using TENS technology.  BD 


(Reuters) - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said on Tuesday it approved a nerve-stimulating device to prevent migraines that is worn as a band across the forehead.

The battery-powered device, which should be positioned above the eyes, sends an electric current to the skin and underlying tissue via a self-adhesive electrode to stimulate the trigeminal nerve that is associated with migraines.

Manufactured by Belgium-based CEFALY Technology SPRL, the prescription-only device is intended for use once per day for 20 minutes.

FDA said in a clinical study of 67 patients in Belgium, those who used the device had significantly fewer migraines per month and used less medication than those who used a placebo device. The device did not reduce the intensity of migraines that occurred.


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