This is a difficult one to really comment on one way or another here.  You read this and you wonder “were there mental problems here”, was the information shared with a psychiatrist actually shared without following procedures?  Obviously if one has real mental health issues, that’s something to be dealt with.  On the other hand, was the conversation as he stated “just venting” on something he vocalized but would not act upon too? 

The guns that were seized were returned to him after the fact. image He is stating that his medical records were shared with the police department and this was aimed at discouraging him from filing a disability claim.  If he is in fact not able to serve then perhaps disability is in order?  I see the other side too with looking for abuse of the system being something to be aware of too and from what I read in this article there’s a few other “stress” cases pending as well.  Is the effort to save money coming down to more scrutiny on disability claims too? 

So back to the medical records issue here, I guess we have to wait and see the process of how it all took place as far as what was shared and with who.  Again, perhaps some of this was scraped from the web too?  This comes back around to all who sell and share data having a license and a public disclosure of what kind of data they sell and share and with who so people can at least know where the information came from.  I’m sure lawsuits involving data provided in a case like this one with wanting to know the “roots” of where the data came from might soon be on more agendas.  I think bit of  transparency here with who’s buying, selling and sharing data is a good idea so people know where to look, otherwise it’s almost a sure bet you get a lawsuit to investigate.  It’s certainly more money for lawyers.   BD 

FTC Tries to Bring Strong Case for Consumer Protections With Use of Data–But Nothing About Creating IT Infrastructure Path to Allow Regulation–Gov Can’t or Won’t Model?

A former Milwaukee police sergeant with a long history of misconduct complaints who is now on duty disability retirement for stress is suing the city, contending that his medical records were improperly shared.

Jason Mucha received duty disability after saying publicity over the complaints left him paranoid, depressed and suicidal, according to his application.

Mucha told a psychiatrist he had thoughts of "suicide by cop" and dreamed of attending a department command staff meeting with a rifle and shooting until he was shot.

Mucha's lawsuit says the information was sent by the City of Milwaukee Employees' Retirement System to the police department in November 2012.


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