Oh boy here we go again with the “click bait” news here.  Well some can just give up milk and steak and keep smoking I guess (grin)…yes that was satire.  Sure there’s some science to what was reported on the effects of milk and dairy products but not to the extent of the headlines here.  Must be a slow news week.  image

Protein now is the new “bad guy” with diets according to this article and those who eat more of it will die sooner.  Plant protein is supposed to be better.  The study was done with mice so this is very early number crunching here.  One scientist already knocked the headlines too saying about what I did in the first paragraph.  Another study was done with over 6000 humans over 50 with how much protein they ate and who knows, some of them may have lied too. 

Just scroll on down and watch video #1 in the footer here “Context is Everything” and see how professor Siefe tells you about how some of these studies are done and how some as just bunk, so with that I’ll just go back and finish my cup of coffee:)  BD

Numbers Don’t Lie, But People Do”–Radio Interview

A new study, published in Cell Metabolism on March 4, shows that middle-aged people who eat a diet high in animal proteins from milk, meat and cheese are more likely to die of cancer than someone who eats a low-protein diet. The research also showed the people who ate lots of meat and dairy were more likely to die at an earlier age.

"There's a misconception that because we all eat, understanding nutrition is simple. But the question is not whether a certain diet allows you to do well for three days, but can it help you survive to be 100?" study co-author Valter Longo, Edna M. Jones professor of biogerontology at the USC Davis School of Gerontology and director of the USC Longevity Institute in Los Angeles, said in a press release.



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