Not too long ago it was saline and granted there’s probably not much money made in producing Nitroglycerin as is the case with saline but these are staples and items hospitals need to have on hand. image It’s so bad now that hospitals are afraid of running out.  How about a virtual experience with saline or nitroglycerin?  Well I’m afraid it just doesn’t exist and this is the real world here, the one we live in.  The tablet and other versions seem to be ok but the ER is the place where the drips are needed. 

Spike In Flu Creating Shortage With IV Saline Solutions In Hospitals Across the US

We still have shortages of cancer drugs showing up as well and again there’s no virtual experience available there either.  What I am saying here is that we seem to be out of balance with taking care of our basic real world needs and are jumping all over technology which is ok, but we can wait or live without some of it, so the real world is calling out again as if the shelves were empty, well that person having a cardiac arrest would be out of luck, but let’s strap on that virtual head viewer and experience this in a way we have never seen before. 

If we had better balance and more folks aware of where the virtual world leaves off and where the real world begins, I think some of this would start to resolve itself.  The lethal injection drugs are also in short supply and it’s ingredients are made outside the US.  About 300 drug still remain on the long term shortage list in all.  BD

The drug nitroglycerin has long been an emergency room staple, a front-line drug that is often the first thing doctors try when a patient shows up with a heart attack.

So when Baxter International, the country’s only manufacturer of injectable nitroglycerin, recently told hospitals that it was sharply cutting shipments of the drug, the news sent pharmacists and emergency room doctors into a panic. Hospitals have been struggling for years with intermittent shortages of the drug, but with the latest news, doctors worried they could actually run out.

Baxter, based in Deerfield, Ill., has been rationing supplies of injectable nitroglycerin since January because it has not been able to keep up with demand after the two other manufacturers of the drug, Hospira and American Regent, stopped selling their products because of manufacturing problems and delays. The drug is so common, and in such demand, that nearly every emergency department in the country could be expected to keep it in stock, experts said.

Nitroglycerin, which helps open the blood vessels, has been used for more than a century to treat patients with heart disease. In some situations, doctors can treat patients with a paste that is applied to the skin, or with tablets that are dissolved under the tongue. But for people experiencing serious heart attacks or congestive heart failure, only the intravenous form will work.


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