That’s right this come from the same folks that put out Healthcare.Gov.  It’s amazing in a time where folks in technology are looking to “simplify” some rules and technology but CMS prefers to add more complexity, and that’s the way I see it after reading the documents.  For goodness sakes a delay would have been a heck of a lot easier to keep track of and monitor for compliance.  Leave to HHS and CMS to make things difficult and confusing to an already over loaded healthcare system. 

Here’s the application…

Here’s the guide for eligible professionals for exception…

Here’s the CMS page with the rest of the forms if these two don’t apply to you.  You know what, is a contract going to be awarded for the tracking of the Hardships now?  Fro the archives, link below, those Senators better get that Office of Technology Assessment back to explain some of this stuff to them. 

Latest Letter From GOP Senators Regarding Health IT Adds Real Urgency to Bring Back the Office of Technology Assessment for Congress–It Is Getting Stranger All the Time With So Many Not Understanding IT Complexities

Ok this is going to be good when the GOP Senators digest all of this, they wanted an explanation.  If nothing else this will keep them busy monitoring and asking a lot of questions and there will be plenty of those.  Again, what’s the matter with these folks at CMS; do they like to make things complex?  It’s not like the old days when everything was in silos and easier to monitor.  It sounds like all you need to have is your vendor agree they had issues and by today’s standards, well who has not had some kind of issue, whether it’s meaningful use or not.  These folks are backing themselves into a difficult corner here, but they are focused on “verbiage” and not code or data mechanics, and that’s what you get from those who don’t have the data mechanics somewhere in the background or thinking.  They seem to forget we all this going on over here with complex algorithmic formulas and insurers getting more quants on board for their math models too. 

Obamacare - One Big “Attack of the Killer Algorithms” No Matter Which Direction You Turn, Compounded With a Lot of Government and Consumer “Algo Duping”….

If hospitals met Meaningful Use in 2013, they will be excluded from the payment adjustment and do not have to submit a Hardship Exception.  They still have until July 1, 2014 to attest and avoid payment adjustment. 

These hardships can be filed year after year up to five years…heck all the vendors are going to have issues by that time:)

One more item from the CMS page “Hand written applications may delay processing”…kind of interesting statement since we are talking about incentives for electronic medical records stimulus money. 

Sure wished these folks at CMS knew how to model a bit better.  After reading all of this I think everyone might just jump in here and file one in the interest of having one in file in case things change then they won’t have to scramble and do one later.  BD 

Correlation is not causation, but only a few days removed from a group of GOP senators’ request for clarification about the meaningful use hardship exception the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has now provided more details.

The federal agency responsible for the oversight of the EHR Incentive Programs has made several resources available via its website, including the hardship exception applications for eligible professionals and hospitals as well as tipsheets for each group of eligible providers. “Hardship exceptions will be granted only under specific circumstances and only if CMS determines that providers have demonstrated that those circumstances pose a significant barrier to their achieving meaningful use,” the federal agency indicates.

An addition to the list of reasons for applying for a meaningful use exception concerns 2014 vendor issues, which CMS defines as a provider being  “unable to obtain 2014 certification”  or “unable to implement meaningful use due to 2014 EHR certification delays.”


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